The idea of ​​Lillywood was started by Anja M. Hellem and Lillian Løvseth in the fall of 2016. Lillywood is a project that aims to increase the activity of film production in Innlandet and make the film environment visible and attractive.

In 2017, a preliminary study was carried out for the project to identify needs and wishes from the film industry in Lillehammer. The result of this concluded with a desire for a comprehensive network for the film industry in Lillehammer to support the visibility of productions and film workers both regionally, nationally and internationally. In the summer of 2018, the project received support from Innovation Norway to carry out a preliminary project, which will result in a main project from 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 20.17.38 From autumn 2018 Linda Steinhoff is employed as project manager. She will lead the work of building a sustainable strategy and business plan for Lillywood in collaboration with the project group. 

Currently involved are:

Nicholas Sando (Filmbin AS), Lillian Løvseth, Anja M. Hellem (AMH Productions), Linda Steinhoff (Lights Promotion), Morten Nordli (Mono Media), Maria Kluge (East Norwegian Film Center)

Supporters: Øivind Pedersen (Lillehammer Region Growth), Ole Smidesang (Skåppå), Torhild Andersen (Fabrikken AS)

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